Robots for Livecoin

Robots for Livecoin

Hello everyone! Let's deal with how to configure and start trading robots at LiveCoin cryptocurrency exchange. This is not the most popular exchange, but this is where introduced several new exotic altCoins every week. And this is why a lot of my friends trade in it.

We will connect robots on our wonderful OsEngine terminal, in which, on last week there appeared a connection to this wonderful exchange. And this is absolutely free! If you didn't know.

Moreover. For some exchange coins, we provide liquidity on this exchange. But it's a secret.


Plan of the article:

1.       Creating API keys on LiveCoin exchange.

2.       Starting trading robots for Livecoin

3.       Opinion


1. Generation of API for Livecoin exchange


Without creating keys for API of the exchange, no bots to Livecoin can be connected. There should be an opportunity for the third-party program to be connected through special interfaces to exhibiting applications and receiving all sorts of information. Trades, candles and stuff. And for this, we go to our personal account and make them!


First, you will have to log in to the personal account of the exchange (this is clear). Well, then select the "Account" menu item on the top, and then select the API sub-item:


In the window that opens, you will see a list of all your Livecoin Api keys, as well as a button to create a new one. Click on it:

Finally there is a key in front of us:

We have to do four simple steps in it:

1.       Enter your password to log in to your account. This is a mean of protection on the stock exchange.

2.       Enter key type. Select "Reading and writing"

3.       Select the type of permission for the key. Select "Trade and payment methods"

4.       And click on "Confirm" button at the end.


Enter confirmation. Either through Google authenticator, or through mail, as I did:

Hurray! Almost done.

Now we need to save two keys on the left of the arrow so that in the future our robot could be connected to Livecoin.

Besides! If you don't save them, you won't find the secret key at all. The exchange does not store them. Just store your keys in a text file and everything will be fine.



2. Start trading robots for Livecoin


Go to GitHub using the links and download the terminal file: OsEngine is our terminal which also includes robots and clusters, and so on. Now we will learn how to turn on the program and how to connect the robots to Livecoin.

Download the archive from GitHub and go to the .exe file of the program:

Be sure to run OsEngine as Administrator, so that the program can save all the settings. Otherwise some functions will be blocked. So only as Admin.

You will see the main application window, select "BotStation":


* Little explanation.  OsEgnine terminal is not only about robots. This is an all in one solution for trading on the stock exchange. And it includes everything that a trader or an algorithmic trader may need:

Data – a software for loading historical data

Tester – so-called exchange emulator capable of simulating real trading on historical data.

Optimizer – optimizer for robots

Miner – a program to search for profitable formations in auto mode.

When "Bot Trader" opens, go to the router and configure the connection:

11)      Go to the tab which says "Control"

22)      Click on the button to open the list of possible connections.

33)      Choose the exchange to which we are to connect. Livecoin, accordingly.

And then we configure the connector itself:


At this point, we need those keys from the personal account. Both public and secret. I hope you saved them in the file like I said  ;)

11.       Insert public key

22.       And then secret

33.       Next, click on the Connect button

44.       Profit! We can run the robots on Livecoin. Then you can create any robots available in OsEngine. 



3. Opinion about trading robots on Livecoin


It's good

This is a very good connector in terms of stability. It was created without rush. For our MarketMaker. This is why it is tested good and we push through it several hundred applications per minute without any problems.

Speed is normal and there are no rejected applications as on Bitmex. It's perfect. Of course, do not make it frequent, but even on high speeds, the exchange engine is stable.

Simple registration procedure. About as in Binance. Five minutes and you can start your battle! Entering the crypt is fast. Respect to developers.


Not so good

Surprisingly. But we have not found in the API of this exchange a method to request historical candles. Maybe we just missed it. But the point is that now there is no way to load a normal number of candles. Therefore it is necessary to accumulate history.

Exchange is not well-traded. It's quite weak. But there are lots of different markets and other software that supports liquidity. So you can play catch-up with it! You're welcome.

For withdrawal, you always need to wait for some timeouts. I didn't really like it. it's like... you logged in and can make a withdrawal only after 10 minutes. If you change the type of security from the phone to Google – you won't be able to withdraw for a day. And things like that. It was the first time I saw this and I did not like it. Disrespect to developers for this.


But in general it's ok. It's better than Kraken, but worse than Binance. But it didn't turn my stomach over, I would say. Let's trade it!


Have good algorithms!



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