Robots for Kraken

Robots for Kraken

A sudden manual on how to run trading robots on Kraken. It is a cryptocurrency exchange based in the US, being traded mainly in Europe. This is an extravagant thing, but right now several robots work in it through OsEngine.

In this post, we will learn how to connect to Kraken cryptocurrency exchange. We will use our wonderful OsEngine terminal for this.


And if anyone from Kraken ever reads this... Guys, this post and video were possible only due to your excellent support. All those few problems that I had with your API, were solved in a few minutes. Cool. The level of the Moscow exchange. I can't say the same about other aspects. But your approach is right. So it will work!



11.       Create API keys on the exchange

22.       Run trading robots for Kraken.

33.       Opinion

1. Create API keys on the Kraken exchange to connect OsEngine


Strange as it may seem, but first you have to open an account on this very exchange and put some money on it. That's not what this manual is about. Let us imagine that you have already passed this stage.

And at this point, in order to connect our (and not only) platform to the exchange, you will also have to make a few access keys. This is what we're going to do now.

Just in case, this is the address of exchange:

Log in to your account and see the following:


Go to the Security tab and find entrance into the key editor at the bottom of the page:


In the following window click on the "Generate New Key" button:


And here we can see the key generation menu. This is what we have to consider in detail.


1.       Enter a name for the future key. This can be something meaningful, but you can leave it as is.

2.       In the red box put ticks everywhere except the "Withdraw Funds" check-box. This will mean that we prohibit to withdraw money through this key to other wallets on the Internet. This is very important. Don't ever permit this. Cryptocurrency exchanges are famous for their breaches and threats. You shouldn't give hackers such opportunities.

3.       And now click on the create key button. Here it is called "Generate Key"

And! Keys are ready:


We will definitely need both of them to enter into OsEngine in order to run our robots. So carefully save them in a file or write on paper, as recommended by most of the exchanges (But this is bullshit, right? Who is going to write this rubbish on a piece of paper?)


2. Running robots on Kraken


Go to the OsEngine home page and download the archive with the terminal from it: This program contains robots, clusters and so on (if someone does not understand what it was about). And it'll help us launch the robots.

After downloading the archive go to the .exe file of the program, here:



When you starting the program, do not forget to start it as Administrator. Otherwise, many functions of the program will be blocked.

In the opened settings window, select "BotStation”


For those who came to this page from the browser, I will explain. This terminal is not just a set of trading robots. This is a set of programs for trading robots. It has almost everything you might need:

Data – loads historical data. This is useful if you want to test trading robots.

Tester is our exchange emulator that runs on these historical data.

Optimizer is a program for searching robot parameters.

Miner is a program for auto-search of profitable patterns. Take no notice of its name, it is not for mining coins.

When "Bot Trader" opens, go to the router and configure the connection:


11)      Go to "Control", this is the control tab on the right

22)      Next, click on "Connection Servers" button

33)      Here we double-click in a row in the table of available connections, on Kraken.

After that we will see a window with connection settings:


We carefully transfer here the same access keys to the API that we created in Kraken personal account. Then click on the "Connect" button. At this point, our platform will connect to the exchange and you can create trading robots.

This can be done by clicking on the "Add bot" button in the control tab:


More than 30 different algorithms are available. Trend, countertrend, arbitration, market-maker. To work with market depth and even with a horizontal volume.

All of them are open source and can be upgraded. In general, the whole world is in your hands now.

I am not going to describe it in detail. Welcome to the documentation and our YouTube channel.


3. My personal opinion about trading robots on Kraken


It's ok. Suffice it to say.

They have a problem with the lack of streaming data, but it successfully manages to connect a proxy router and at this point, everything becomes quite good. You can read about in the documents.

If you are trading with something not very fast, this will be a great exchange for you.

Well, and I already mentioned the support. It is always a pleasure to get e reply within five minutes. Maybe I was lucky, but maybe not.

In general, use it!


Have good algorithms!



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