Robots for Bitmex

Robots for Bitmex

Manual and guide on how to trade with robots on Bitmex. We will create Api keys in your personal account to connect robots. And will actually run our robot constructor by connecting to Bitmex.



11.       Setting Api connection on the website

22.       Connect trading robots to Bitmex

33.       Opinion


1. Configure Api on Bitmex website


Bitmex is one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges which has a test contour. This is funny and sad at the same time because it still has not helped them to speed up the core. However, this allowed them to attract a sufficient number of users.

We will conduct our experiments on this test contour.

Go to


Log in or sign up. I will not describe this process. You can do this.

If you fail, do not read it.

Go to API section:



And then to API Key Management:


Here we see the menu to create a new key. And we use it:


First give our key a name.

Ignore the following setting. I have no idea what it is about.

Then we give our key the "Order" permission, which means that we allow programs connecting through it to make transactions and trade.

Then click on "Create API Key" button


Here the process of creating keys for trading on Bitmex is completed. With their help, you can connect any robots to Bitmex, including our wonderful OsEngine terminal.

ID & Secret will be useful later, so copy them in a file. We will use this data in the future to connect trading robots to Bitmex.


2. Connect trading robots to Bitmex


Go to the OsEngine page and download our open and free terminal for algorithmic trading: It has more than 30 built-in trading robots on patterns and indicators, trend and arbitration robots, etc. There is something for everyone.

Next, when you downloaded the archive, you need to find .exe file:


Then start the trading station for robots:


As you see, we also have other programs.

Data – downloads historical data so that you can test robots

Tester – for testing strategy portfolios in the exchange emulator.

Optimizer – for optimizing the strategy by parameters.

Miner – to find profitable formations for trading, without programming.

Next, the window of our program will open:


11)      Go to "Control" tab on the right

22)      Click "Connection Servers" button

33)      In the window that opens, in the router table, double-click on Bitmex

This is where we shall see a window to connect to Bitmex:


Enter ID and Secret key that we generated in Chapter 2. And connect to Bitmex by pressing Connect button.

After that, you can create robots and trade with them:


In order to do this, click on Add Bot button in our terminal and select the robot you want to create.


3. Opinion on Bitmex trading


Briefly: Contradictory as much as possible.


This is one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges for which there was a connection in our platform. It was really hard for us. We are used to more polished and stable things since before crypto we were engaged in classical stock exchanges. And this was unexpected.

As I understand it, initially the developers of the exchange haven't thought about any robots and the core is not designed for those loads it has to face now.

Api has been rewritten many times. It is still permanently unavailable and buggy. Orders disappear and appear in 2-5 minutes out of nowhere. Api syntax changes on an incredibly regular basis. Callbacks show us lines with character of spiral variables...

Meanwhile, we try to react quickly. We have to. Even today I fixed a bug in it. Most bugs and problems are localized. We have the necessary crutches in the connectors.

Till this day it is one of the most popular connections in the CIS. And Bitmex trading robots trade no matter what.

We also trade through it. It's not a secret. This is due to the fact that there is a SHOULDER that gives us several unique possibilities. Such as trading with more money than you have, as well as the ability to short (take short positions/earn on the decline).

All this makes this exchange an almost inevitable companion of every cryptocurrency algorithmic trader.


If you want to trade on Bitmex robots, use OsEngine, or another app with a long history of working with this exchange. Otherwise you will have problems.

And don't you even try to make robots for Bitmex by yourself, from scratch. In this case, you will have to feel the pain from hundreds of glitches that we have already caught up and neutralized.


Have good algorithms!



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