Robots for Binance

Robots for Binance

In this post we are to talk about how to run trading robots for the Binance exchange. We are planning to do it with the help of OsEngine - our open and free library for algorithmic trading.

You can download the library and robots here:

A little reference for those who came from a search engine. OsEngine is a complete set of programs an algo trader may need. Data download, testing, optimization and trading. Everything is completely free and open. We make software for algorithmic foundations and algorithmic traders. This is how the library was born. Feel free to use it! We provide training and support for novice programmers. If you are not a novice, you will understand it very quickly.


Plan of the article:

1) Configure API on the exchange

2) Connect trading robots for Binance

3) Personal opinion about trading on Binance


1. Custom API on Binance


The first thing you need to configure is the keys to access trading through API. This is done from the personal account of the user on the Binance exchange. Go to your personal account:


Find the settings block of API and click on the “Api Setting” button.


In this window, we have to give a name to our future key and click on "Create new key". I decided not to invent anything and I called it “testKey”.

Then we see a window in which we must confirm our actions:


First, confirm via SMS to the phone number connected to your account. And later - by mail. You will receive a special letter from the exchange in which you need to confirm your actions. Last time I checked there was something like "Confirm".

After we have done this, the site will tell us that the keys are created and you are allowed to trade through an external connection:


This is not it! In order to know the balances and to be able to place and withdraw orders, you need to specify it separately. 


1. After creating the keys, you have to save the secret and public keys to access API in a file on your PC. Then these keys we will be useful for terminal settings and you will never see the secret one. You just need to save it.

2. Click on the edit button.


In editing window click on radiobutton which says “Restrict access to trusted IPs only.” I. e. we block access to this key from other IP addresses except ours.

Then we click on "Enable withdrawals" button. Than give these keys access to placing orders and portfolio. Otherwise, the terminal is not going to work.

After that, click on the "Save" button and go through the verification procedure for the second time. Via SMS and email.

That's it! 

Here site setup is finished and you can work with trading robots. 


2 Connect trading robots for Binance


To do this, download the latest release of the library(

Find .exe and run it:


In the main menu, select the Bot Station program: 


1. Go to the management tab. 

2. Click on "Connection Servers"

3. In the opened window, select Binance by double-clicking on it.

After that, the Binance server settings window should open:


We enter here the keys that we have got in the first part of this guide. If you have saved them, close this window. If we have not saved it immediately after creation. Back to chapter 1.

Now we can finally create robots:


1. Click on the button Add bot (create a robot). 

2. Select the robot you want to include. Name it and press the Accept button.

Next, configure the connected data:



And Presto!


You can trade with robots on Binance!


3 Personal opinion about trading on Binance


This exchange was a success for a reason. Everyone likes how it works.

I don't know about technological effectiveness, but it works good with Api and has few problems with making orders. It is certainly not Plaza 2, but not Kraken as well. In general, the kernel is ready to accept a large number of connections and trades NORMALLY. It is for cryptocurrency exchanges. 

They have problems of course. So they have not launched shorts and shoulders. Therefore, you would have to partially trade on Bitmex. But if you don't really need shorts. Trade on Binance.


They also often change something in the core and Api. Sometimes "planned" does not work when they are doing something. And you need to monitor their social networks. They publish it there. Something may also stop working after this. 


And! It was absolutely unnecessary for our SEO community post about how robots for Binance can do something! And there will be more! 


Download the library and Binance robots here:


Have good algorithms!




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