Free QStickBot

Free QStickBot


Hello everyone, on the Market ( ) added the free robot.

The QStick indicator is needed for this robot to work. It must be placed in the Scripts folder, which is located inside the Os Engine project - ***\Custom\Indicators\Scripts the initial path may change, depending on where OsEngine lies and which assembly you use.

The logic of the robot's operation is based on the data of the Qstick and Sma indicator. The signal line of the indicator goes around the 0 mark. And shows the moving average of the difference between the closing price and the opening price of the asset.


QStick is zero when the closing and opening prices are identical. This is possible in two cases:

1) when the asset price has not changed for a certain number of periods

2) when the asset price changed, but then returned to its original position.

When the QStick is above the zero line, the closing prices are higher than the opening prices, which is possible during an uptrend. Conversely, the QStick is below the zero line when the opening prices are higher than the closing prices, which is a sign of a downtrend.

The logic of work:

Long Entry: If the current QStick value is the maximum for the selected period of calculation of the QStick indicator. And the last price is above Sma.

Short entry: If the current QStick value is the minimum for the selected period of calculation of the QStick indicator. And the last price is lower than Sma.


Long: When the price crosses the Sma.

Short: Also when crossing the Sma price.


Settings window work:

1. Mode. On - enabled. Off - disabled; Only Long - enter only long; Only Short - enter only short; Only Close Position - close positions.

2. The volume is fixed - the number of lots to enter.

3. Slippage in % - the amount of slippage as a percentage of the last price. (E.g. The last price = 90, Slippage = 1%, so the amount of slippage will be 90 * 1 / 100 = 0,9).

4. The calculation period of the Stick.

5. Sma calculation period.


The visual settings of the indicators can be changed by right-clicking on the chart:

You can download the robot here:    


Download, use, successful algorithms!




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