Indicator QStick

Indicator QStick

Hello everyone, on the Market ( ) added a free indicator.

Qstick – this is a technical indicator used to determine trends on candle charts. It is calculated by taking the moving average for N periods from the difference between the opening and closing prices.

The indicator measures the pressure of buyers and sellers. When the indicator grows, it is a signal that on average the price closes higher than the opening price. When the indicator falls, the price closes lower on average than it opened. This type of indicator was developed by scientist, inventor, author and trader Tushar Chande. He holds a PhD in engineering and holds nine US patents.

Calculation formula.

QStick =

((closing price – opening price) t + (closing price – opening price) t -1 + (closing price – opening price) t - n) / n.

Where n - is the number of periods for calculating the moving average

t - is the time period.

The Qstick indicator can give trading signals when crossing the line with zero.

A buy signal occurs when the signal line is zero. There is a buying pressure on the market. The sell signal comes when the Qstick falls below zero. Seller pressure appears on the market


From the parameters, it is possible to change the period for which the indicator is considered and the type of moving average SMA or EMA

The indicator is taken from

You can download the indicator here:   


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