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    Os Engine - free and open platform for algotrading
    All you need in one place
    OsEngine - All you need and more

    For many years we have been creating infrastructure projects in the field of finance and we understand how important it is to choose the right partner in the development of a Digital project.

    One of the most important areas in the activities of our team is the creation of robots for trading. We trade ourselves, serve algorithmic funds and private algorithmic traders.

    In the process of creating hundreds of different projects for trading automation, a Framework for creating robots appeared. Open, modern, ultimately extensible. One of the best robot builders on the planet: OsEngine.

    Layer for creating robots
    A unique and expandable layer in which you can make robots of any complexity
    Three dozen built-in robots
    Robots ready for modernization and as examples: trending, counter-trending, market-making, patterns, semiautomatic devices on alerts and indicators.
    Tester and optimizer
    You will never have to trade untested strategies again. Create and test robots at the same time.
    Data loader
    Download test data and store it on your PC.
    Over 20 sources! All markets of the planet!
    Over 50 indicators
    Including: Stoch RSI, Donchiane Channels, Ichimoku, Ivashov Range, VWAP.
    The ability to write your own indicators.
    Over 20 connections
    Cryptocurrency exchanges (Binance, Bitmex, Bitfinex)
    International markets (IB, Ninja, OANDA, LIMAX)
    Moscow Exchange (Quik, SmartCom, Plaza 2, ASTS)
    Horizontal volumes
    Visualization and accessibility from the layer of creating robots of horizontal volumes.
    8 types of candles
    Classic, Renco, HeikenAshi, Delta, Volume, Ticks, Range, Revers.
    Timeframes from 1 second.
    Support forum
    Platform instructions, discussion, and bug fixing
    Discussion on BitcoinTalk
    Our project on one of the most popular blockchain community resources
    Git hub
    All project source and the ability to watch online the progress of OsEngine development
    Youtube channel
    Our YouTube channel where you will find video instructions for the OsEngine and much more
    Online algo trading institute
    Our own platform for teaching programming and scientific trading for everyone.
    From zero to profit.
    Ready-made solutions
    Shop extensions and robots for OsEngine

    OsEngine - Free Algo Trading Platform

    Home Page

    OsEngine - This is the full range of programs necessary to automate trading on the exchange.
    Open source. Free license. Language - C#

    Available connections:

    1. Interactive Brokers
    2. OANDA - Forex Broker
    3. BitMex - Exchange of currencies
    4. Kraken - Exchange of currencies
    5. Quik - The most popular terminal for access to the Moscow stock exchange
    6. Plaza 2 - The professional gateway for access to trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange. Futures section
    7. ASTS Bridge - The professional gateway for access to trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange. Stock section

    You can download all program distributions from githab: