Wild energy

    is possible

    Algorithmization of trade is our profession. Any
    technology. Any connection. Any complexity

    Time to

    Telephone booth. Disappearing technology causing nostalgia.
    Hand trade. Disappearing technology causing stress.
    Trade innovation. Be sure.


    The world is changing

    Today we see algotrade as the only possible way of active trading on the stock exchange.
    This project is created for one purpose - to open your way to algotrading.
    Welcome to the future. The future that has already come.

    Our blog
    2019-09-28 19:40:12 Lex Wang 0

    Hello everyone! Let's deal with how to configure and start trading robots at LiveCoin cryptocurrency exchange. This is not the most popular exchange, but this is wher...

    2019-09-28 19:30:12 Lex Wang 0

    Manual and guide on how to trade with robots on Bitmex. We will create Api keys in your personal account to connect robots. And will actually run our robot constructo...

    2019-09-28 14:48:27 Lex Wang 0

    A sudden manual on how to run trading robots on Kraken. It is a cryptocurrency exchange based in the US, being traded mainly in Europe. This is an extravagant thing, ...

    2019-09-28 14:08:41 Lex Wang 0

    In this post we are to talk about how to run trading robots for the Binance exchange. We are planning to do it with the help of OsEngine - our open and free library for algorithmic trading.

    You can download the library and robots...

    2019-02-19 02:51:06 Evgeniy 0

    Most traders trade with their hands. They follow rules, their experience gained over the years.

    There is nothing wrong with this approach, I know successful traders who trade without using mechanical trading syst...

    2019-02-19 02:08:54 Evgeniy 0


    After reading this post you will understand how to develop trend strategies based on moving averages, what are the pros and cons in trading with


    2019-02-19 01:01:54 Evgeniy 0

    I want to tell you how to use indicators when developing trading systems.

    And it will be a series of posts about it. Reading this series you will discover many indicators, both standard and not so. And also how t...

    2019-02-13 16:01:11 Evgeniy 0

    It's about programming, that's all. In the post let's classify methods of writing automated trading systems from code. Let's review architecture of

    ATS(Automated Trading Systems) builders and libraries for bot c...

    2019-02-12 17:38:13 Evgeniy 0

    Excerpt from an unpublished article by an unknown author:

    "Long months of hopeless hell. Dizzy. My fingers are in bloody ointments, and my eyes seem to have tucked in mustard. -

    2019-02-12 14:40:49 Evgeniy 0

    Post about what need to know to an algorithmic trader, the programmer C#. What basic knowledge you need to have in

    order to write robots in StockSharp / Wealth-Lab / TsLab Api. It's about programming. The post w...

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