Wild energy

is possible

Algorithmization of trade is our profession. Any
technology. Any connection. Any complexity

Time to

Telephone booth. Disappearing technology causing nostalgia.
Hand trade. Disappearing technology causing stress.
Trade innovation. Be sure.

Do business together

Our license allows you to use our software even in commercial projects for free!


The world is changing

Today we see algotrade as the only possible way of active trading on the stock exchange.
This project is created for one purpose - to open your way to algotrading.
Welcome to the future. The future that has already come.

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2018-02-25 11:42:19 Lex Wang 0

And... how not to make crypto currency exchange.

Recently I wrote a trading robot for Kraken crypto currency exchange. It's my job, to ...

2017-10-31 05:34:44 Lex Wang 0

Hello everyone!

Look at our short review about how to start trading on Moscow Exchange. Let's talk about what the MOEX is and discuss...

2017-09-18 04:19:06 Lex Wang 0

Finally, we started creating an English version of the site.

This is sure to bring temporary problems in the entire portal. In all of its language versions.
The work will take several weeks, maybe a month.